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Product Updates: VORTEX User Portal 1.47

User Portal 

Release version
Release date
1.47.0 November 9, 2023

New Features

Video Content Analysis Detection

  • 2 New Rules Supported: Missing Object Detection and Unattended Object Detection.

- Missing Object Detection detects the removal of a predefined asset from a scene.

- Unattended Object Detection detects unattended objects or objects left behind.

 See this article on our Knowledge Base for more information on the new detection rules.



Deep Search

  • Improved Time Selector

- In addition to the original customized time setting, we add 

(1) 3 quick options: Last 1 hour, Last 12 hours, Today

(2) a special mode to search a time period of each day in specific search dates.

  • Display two snapshots, if available, under the search condition of Re-Search

- In addition to original single snapshot (body or face) only, the revised version will display both body and face snapshots, if face snapshot is also available, under the search condition of Re-Search.

  • From Deep Search result to live view

- Add a "Live link" to allow users quickly going to this camera's live view


Performance Enhancements

In this product update, we have made numerous performance enhancements to provide a faster and more efficient platform, aiming to deliver an improved user experience.

  • Accelerated loading speed for the View page

- Live video can now be accessed faster than before.

  • Enhanced speed for loading data tables on the page
- The method for loading data tables has been adjusted, resulting in a quicker loading of various lists such as Device/group/user/archive/event list.
  • Reduced camera startup time

- The time it takes for a camera to go from power-on to online status has been decreased.

  • Decreased latency in live streaming, resulting in smoother imagery.
  • Reduced firmware upgrade time for OTA updates
  • Accelerated processing time for archiving video


Dewarping of Archived videos from Fisheye Cameras

- In additional to the original view , customers can look at the regional or panoramic view of archived videos generated from fisheye cameras.

Supported firmware version:

Camera Model
FW supported version












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