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  • VORTEX is a cloud surveillance platform that allows you to shift from Licensed based management to a pay-as-you-expand subscription model.
  • VORTEX is licensed with Standard licenses which includes unlimited archive and 30-day local storage.
  • Our VORTEX Cameras come pre-bundled with yearly-based pricing options for easy installation and automatic activation when cameras go online.
  • Flexible Cloud Storage options can be purchased based on your needs, with subscription duration ranging from 30 to 365 days. This allows you to tailor your choices based on your specific needs or license allocation.*
*Effective January 15, 2024, we are updating our VORTEX license options. The "Professional License" will be replaced by a "Standard License" and a separate "30-day Cloud Backup Add-on. For upcoming purchases, kindly order a "Standard License" alongside a "30-day Cloud Backup Add-on" to maintain equivalent features. Rest assured, your existing benefits and those of your end-users will remain unaffected by this change.