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VORTEX's Deep Search uses AI to provide faster and easier search function mobility 

Deep Search uses AI to improve search functionality, and it is comprised of three main functions: Attribute Search, Scene Search, and Re-Search.  No longer relying on scrolling through video footage frame by frame, VORTEX cameras provide metadata to enable intelligent video evidence search.  By utilizing metadata defined attributes and rules, Deep Search provides smarter, faster, and easier inquiries that require less effort.

People / Vehicle Attribute Search

Use specific attributes (e.g. gender, age group, clothing/vehicle color, vehicle type, etc.) to quickly and accurately search for people/vehicles. With Attribute Search, users can narrow down their search parameters to specific factors, such as red motorcycle or blue shirt female.

Scene Search

Scene Search allows users to quickly review VORTEX camera footage by using intrusion, line crossing, or loitering detection on the recorded video. For example using line crossing detection, users can draw a line at a point of interest in the video footage and select a time period to quickly find results of all events where someone, or vehicle, crossed that line.


After finding a person of interest on one camera, users can use that image to search for them again (Re-Search) across all other cameras in the entire VORTEX system.  This helps users identity and track all the activities of this person of interest throughout the property.

Search by face

Elevate security with unparalleled accuracy. The advanced surveillance cameras analyze unique facial and body attributes, providing comprehensive insights. Embrace the future of surveillance and stay one step ahead with the cutting-edge technology.