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Small Business Utilizes VORTEX VSaaS Cloud Solution


When a small business simply does not have the time nor desire to deal with complicated security systems that are often more than what is required for a specific purpose, especially when the manager is not on site, the choices to protect its property becomes somewhat limited.

So goes Jefferson, Iowa-based Sloan Plumbing, Heating & AC, a leader in the Central Iowa market since 1979. Being able to simply access important video footage from anywhere anytime day or night had become a necessity for the company’s owner, especially when outdoor theft and vandalism around the property can be problematic.


Overly non-user-friendly and costly surveillance systems can severely limit video security options, yet the necessity for keeping one’s business safe is always present as video security surveillance is vital for any and every business’ continued well being. Today, whether a business and/or facility is small, medium or large, on-site video storage such as NVRs (network video recorders) and even computer hard drives are still popular choices. However, these are quickly becoming obsolete as the requirement for larger and larger volumes of data means maintenance and upgrading such systems are becoming costly and time restrictive.

VORTEX, new cloud-based video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) from VIVOTEK, helps to overcome these challenges.


Central Iowa’s Tech Zone chose VIVOTEK and a total of five of its indoor and outdoor security solutions for a comprehensive end-to-end AI surveillance solution that seamlessly integrates deep-learning-based network cameras with cloud video management software to meet Sloan Plumbing, Heating & AC security surveillance solution requirements.

VORTEX uses a hybrid cloud architecture that enables greater hardware compatibility, AI video analytics, 24/7 video recording, and automatic software upgrades, providing greatly efficient security. The hybrid cloud architecture's mix of in-camera local storage, edge AI, and video archiving and backup to the cloud ensure bandwidth efficiency, easy accessibility, and a smarter & easier way to manage video surveillance.

VORTEX solves Sloan Plumbing, Heating & AC issues by being able to quickly adopt and utilize its surveillance system easily and effectively with wide camera selection, crystal clear image quality, analytics, and hassle-free, zero configuration.

VORTEX’s VSaaS converts metadata into searchable and quantifiable information and refine people, vehicle, and environment detection accuracy over time. Feature-rich, VORTEX allows Sloan Plumbing, Heating & AC unlimited cloud archive, automatic backup, event management and instant sharing.

Overall, Tech Zone installed five VIVOTEK cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the business. Three FD837-HTV 5MP exterior dome cameras are being utilized to monitor the outdoor perimeter to mitigate and deter theft and vandalism. Two FD839-EHV 5MP interior dome cameras are being used to monitor Sloan’s shop and office space.

Customer Feedback

Today, second-generation owner Chad Sloan is satisfied knowing he can check on his business while he is off-site, making the process of securing his property simple and highly effective.

According to Tech Zone, Jefferson, Iowa is in a small town where everyone knows each other. Chad Sloan trusted Tech Zone to handle his camera needs and they chose VORTEX for its simplicity of use and detailed AI technology. This is a perfect fit for Sloan Plumbing and Heating as Sloan relied on Tech Zone completely for help. VORTEX is the answer for both of them.

For the customer, it is a simple system to operate from a computer or phone, at home, or on the go.