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VIVOTEK Helps Delta Electronics Japan Enhance Operational Efficiency with VORTEX AI Cloud-based Surveillance System



Minami-Funabashi, [Date]– Delta Electronics Japan, renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in power and thermal management, needed cloud-based surveillance system to solve the issue of inefficient warehouse management. VIVOTEK VORTEX has revolutionized the landscape of warehouse and production line management, exemplifying Delta's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.


Identifying Challenge

Before embracing VORTEX, Delta Electronics Japan encountered several operational hurdles.

◆ Production Line Efficiency: Struggling with the limitations of traditional production line management, Delta sought greater efficiency and flexibility.

◆ Logistics Management: Inefficient logistics processes posed challenges, hindering seamless operations and resource optimization.

◆ Disaster Response: Rapid situational assessment during crises was a daunting task, calling for enhanced disaster preparedness measures.

◆ Safety Concerns: Safety management, particularly regarding the area in front of fire shutters, raised significant concerns and required immediate attention.


Empowering Change with VORTEX

VIVOTEK VORTEX cloud-based surveillance solution offers Delta Electronics Japan a new management system, helping Delta overcome challenges and enhance operational standards. With VORTEX's advanced features, Delta embarked on a cloud surveillance journey:

◆ Remote Work Management: Achieved remarkable efficiency gains by transitioning to remote management of workspaces, empowering teams to work smarter and safer.

◆ Enhanced Productivity: Leveraged VORTEX's video surveillance capabilities to visualize work progress, resulting in unprecedented productivity enhancements and streamlined operations.

◆ Quality Standardization: Ensured consistent quality across operations through comprehensive video-based training and manuals, fostering a culture of excellence.

◆ Optimized Logistics: Revolutionized logistics management, minimizing waiting times and maximizing efficiency through real-time monitoring and remote management


Realizing Operational Excellence

VIVOTEK VORTEX has successfully built a smarter and easier operational flow for Delta Electronics Japan, which includes:

◆ Production Line Precision: Enhanced daily briefings with archived work sample videos, optimized workforce efficiency with AI insights, and ensured safety compliance with real-time monitoring.

◆ Backyard Brilliance: Revolutionized logistics management, stayed ahead of issues with real-time video checks, enhanced inventory management, and bolstered disaster preparedness


Conclusion: A New Era of Excellence

VIVOTEK VORTEX’s success with Delta Electronics Japan is a testament to its commitment to innovation and operational excellence. By embracing cutting-edge technology and overcoming operational challenges, Delta has paved the way to an efficiency, productivity, and security in warehouse and production line management.