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VORTEX's powerful AI Analytics help automate security, expedite forensic investigations, and more 

All VORTEX cameras include on-board AI Analytics intrusion detection, line-crossing detection, and loitering detection, enabling real-time alerts and notifications.  Furthermore, VORTEX's machine learning algorithm is continuously learning, meaning it's accuracy will improve more and more over time 

Intrusion Detection
Detect people, or vehicles with VORTEX Premium cameras, entering or leaving a virtual area within the camera's field of view

    Loitering Detection
    Detect a person, or group of people, lingering in an area for longer than a preset time threshold

      Line Crossing Detection
      Detect a person, group of people, or vehicles with VORTEX Premium cameras, crossing a virtual trip-wire

      Missing Object Detection
      Detect the absence of objects within the detected regions in the scene

      Unattended Object Detection
      Detect instantly objects left unattended within the detected regions of the scene

      Machine Learning

      • Comprehensive metadata database
      • User feedback system for modeling refinement
      • Training by example
      • Continuous accuracy enhancement