Reliability Extended

VORTEX Camera Hardware 10-Year Warranty

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Partnering with KISI for Access Control Management

Unify Security Management with Intuitive Monitoring


Network Video Recorder

Your Next Level Cloud Experience

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Perfect for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, Chain Stores, and Fast Food Restaurants

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People / Vehicles AI Analytics

VORTEX's Powerful AI Analytics Help Automate Security, Expedite Forensic Investigations, and More


AI Enhanced, Cloud Empowered: VORTEX for Adaptive Surveillance

Surveillance Automation

VORTEX's innovative AI drives advanced video analytics for instant alerts. Streamlined IT maintenance, and 24/7 protection for business of all sizes, ensuring peace of mind.

Platform Reliability

Achieve constant cyber security with encryption protocols, auto-updates, key-encrypted SD card media files, and compliance with NDAA/TAA standards.

Business Resiliency

Effortlessly manage existing cameras on VORTEX, or revert to ONVIF compliance to avoid vendor lock-in. Scaling and enhance efficiency without extra servers.


Centralize Remote Management

Effortlessly search for people and vehicles of interest across various sites and cameras with just one click.

AI-Powered Video Search and Notifications

Search with precision to identify individuals and vehicles of interest, enabling quick responses to security threats.

User-Friendly Interface and System Health Check

Maintain effortlessly via browser or mobile, enjoy seamless Over-the-Air firmware updates, and get instant system health alerts.

Flexibility for Business Adaptation

Seamlessly manage existing cameras on the VORTEX, or easily transition by reverting VORTEX cameras to ONVIF compliance.

Industry Experiences & Success Cases

VORTEX offers scenario-oriented solutions to maximize operational efficiency for different industries.

  • Education and School Safety

    Empowering schools and districts with predictive, damage control, and emergency response capabilities to establish a secure learning environment.

  • Retail and In-Store

    Protection of your products by deterring theft, maintaining operational continuity, and prioritizing the safety of staff and customers.

  • Property Management

    Implement 24/7 surveillance to address staff shortages, ensuring critical asset protection, and facilitating scalable deployment across multiple sites.

  • Logistics and Warehousing

    Remotely manage multiple warehouse locations to detect unusual activity, restrict areas, prevent employee theft, ensuring 24-hour coverage monitoring.

Cross-border Management on building Security

VORTEX not only improved our building security but also enhanced surveillance efficiency, enabling us to manage the facility’s security effectively. A Taiwan organization with new facility in California, USA

Indoors and outdoors monitoring and weather-independent 24/7 surveillance

"Easy to install and No reported challenges during the integration process with a POE network switch. Simple to operate, from a computer or phone, both at home and on the go. Washing Well Laundromat in Midwest American"

VORTEX Security

VORTEX's security commitment protects our organization and your data at every layer across network, cloud, storage, and hardware.

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