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  • Multi-Site Management
    Managing multiple locations with a traditional VMS system requires complex configurations and is difficult to maintain.  VORTEX's zero configuration setup and hybrid cloud architecture provides remote management with real-time live streams and on-site recording access from each location, accessible via VORTEX portal or app from any internet connected device.
  • Onboard Recording, Cloud Redundancy
    With both recording to the camera SD card and back up in the cloud, VORTEX's hybrid cloud architecture provides users with security and confidence that their surveillance footage is protected.
  • Peace of Mind
    Multiple AI analytics enable automatic recording and Deep Search provides powerful post-search efficiency, reducing human errors associated with in-person monitoring.
  • Simple & Proactive Security
    Real-time notifications, proactive patrols, and intelligent search reduce time and effort spent on surveillance and forensic investigations.  VORTEX's deep learning technology actively learns over time, improving accuracy and effectiveness.
SMB Office
  • Hassle-Free, Easy to Maintain
    VORTEX's easy setup, zero configuration, and intuitive UI allows users to immediately and effortlessly enjoy the benefits of VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    VORTEX removes the headaches associated with costly hardware, storage fees, and maintenance agreements, not to mention multi-location support. Through VORTEX's cloud subscription model, everything is covered.
  • Flexible Scalability
    VORTEX easily grows as business demands.  VORTEX users can simply add cameras to their existing VORTEX account, without having to deal with extra hardware or storage efforts.