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VORTEX for Property Management

Quick Deployment to Scale Location
Protect Assets with Accurate Analysis
Diverse User Permission Management

Quick Deployment to Scale Location

Easily scale by camera, without deploying NVR

When there is a need to expand the surveillance coverage, VORTEX makes it easy to scale the deployment of cameras without the need of NVR. This is achieved through cloud-based services.

Protect Properties, Assets, and People with Accurate Analysis

Stay alert in restricted zone

VORTEX utilizes AI algorithm to eliminate conventional false alarm in places such as machinery room and roof top. Any person or vehicle enters the predefined unauthorized areas by intrusion, line crossing, and loitering, the system will generate alert to notify relevant users.

Search suspicious personnel with Deep Search

Deep Search enables user to search for evidence without a need to play the video footage. It clearly displays relevant persons or vehicles based on the appearance selected.

Deter by audio broadcast

Combining an IP Audio Speaker allows user to broadcast to individuals from entering restricted areas.

Diverse User Permission Management

Assign different role to property managerial staffs

The administrator creates different roles based on the property management requirements. Each role such as administrator, property manager, security staff and maintenance personnel, has specific permissions and access rights.