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Existing Pain Points

Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) is an emerging and exciting breakthrough for users. However, it's not always a sunny day. There are some issues customers struggle with current service providers:

- One-off upfront purchase for cloud-enabled cameras

- Additional charges for AI

- Limitedly affordable cameras for AI


- A lack of essential detections and alerts for both real-time and post search

- Unintuitive and complex UX decelerates the learning curve

Camera Choice

- Current service providers offer domes, bullets, and fisheye cameras only

- Insufficiently meet everyday challenges/needs in varied scenarios

Risky Tradeoff

- Proprietary cameras and subscriptions lock customers in

- There is no room for customers to turn back even if they are not satisfied

State-of-The-Art AI

With one-of-a-kind AI algorithms, VORTEX can track and notify people/vehicles of interest with continuous accuracy enhancement and profound metadata-based processing. Even better, our intuitive and friendly UX gets all AI and VSaaS operations done with just a few clicks.

  • Deep Learning AI Capabilities

    VORTEX's AI model feeds and trains the goodness-of-fit around the clock. The more time a user engages, the more extensive data synthesize, and the more accurate result comes up from time to time.

  • Real-Time Alerting

    VORTEX offers three of the most common anomaly detections - intrusion, line crossing and loitering - for real-time surveillance. With just a few line or box drawings, users can get alerts automatically and precisely.

  • Deep Search

    Deep Search is an AI-based post-event search functionality, featuring Attribute Search, Scene Search, and Re-Search. By accessing the metadata, users no longer have to scroll through the video footage frame by frame. Factoring in multiple attributes and rules makes post event search faster and easier.

  • Simple and Intuitive UX

    Streamline is not enough to describe the user experience on VORTEX. Users can set up rules and oversee all cameras with a scroll up/down within just minutes. What you see is what you get.

Offerings for Varied Needs

Encompassing, hassle-free, and easy-to-maintain cameras make VORTEX the most versatile VSaaS for everything in SMB, Chain Stores, and QSR contexts.

  • Wide Selection of Camera Options

    The essential cameras consist of 2MP and 5MP cameras, with fundamental AI analytics. The Premium line of cameras including MP all the way up to the 12MP fisheye cameras that are our AI
    powerhouse cameras.

  • 10+ SKUs Adaptive to Various Scenarios

    In 2023, VORTEX will soon phase in extra models, ranging from PTZ cameras to 180-degree panoramic products. Plus, more domes and bullets will be added as well. Users can adopt cameras that are best suitable for their specific needs with VORTEX.

A Great Extent of Flexibility

By introducing VORTEX, switch costs and scalability are no longer users' burdens. Our characteristics of non-lock-in and scale-up/down efficiently facilitate multi-site, remote monitoring and management.

  • Options of Non-Lock-In

    VORTEX allows users to choose the best fits between the camera type and license type. If the customer decides they no longer want a VSaaS solution, the VORTEX cameras can be flashed back to ONVIF compliant cameras and then can be connected to any ONVIF compliant VMS or NVR.

  • Lift-and-Shift Scalability with The NVR Gateway

    As your business operations expand, so will your surveillance demands. With an upcoming NVR as a gateway, VORTEX promises flexible system scalability to existing installed cameras, whenever you want, wherever you need.

The Better VSaaS Experience

VORTEX's AI technology, diversified cameras, and flexible architecture 100% percent aim to relieve end users' pain points. For more details, check out our video below.