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Access Control with VORTEX

Monitoring on a Single Platform
Remotely Control Doors
Detect Unusual Activities
Instant Notification

Unify Security Management with Intuitive Monitoring

Monitor Without Switching Systems

Monitor access and identity on VORTEX simultaneously and intuitively. Ensuring authorized personnel are tracked entering and exiting access points to prevent unauthorized entry.

Control Door Remotely on A Single Platform

Not only monitor real-time images on Live View, but also intuitively control the access point based on the live scene.

Uncover Hidden Risks and Prevent Events

Detect Unusual Activities with Video Analytics

Effectively monitor the status of controlled areas and detect abnormal events and asset safety within or beyond designated schedules.

Instant Notification to Prevent Incidents

Key individuals are promptly notified through mobile push or email, enabling proactive deterrent measures and the prevention of violations.

Enhanced Monitoring and Management Efficiency

VORTEX brings unparalleled convenience to managing storage, video footage and access identity.
Cloud Storage

Offers the most convenient cloud storage options, allowing for the backup and archiving of crucial video information and access data, ensuring no critical evidence is lost.

Instant Sharing of Video

Solves the time-consuming download issue through instant cloud link sharing, speeding up case processing efficiency.

Deep Search

Utilizes AI analytics to reduce the burden of time-consuming video searches, instantly tracking object interests and the faces, spot on suspicious clues for specific incidents, enhancing security management.

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How to Integrate KISI Access Control on VORTEX

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