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Even surveillance systems are not immune from threats, Vortex prioritizes its operations with best in class security features in hardware security, network & cloud security, and storage security, to ensure 24/7 seamless protection and operation.

Hardware Security

NDAA compliant SoC's
Advanced tampering detection algorithms
Signed Firmware/Secure Boot/Secure Console
  • Signed Firmware

    VORTEX’s signed firmware requires a digital signature in the firmware and verification of the signature by VORTEX, thereby ensuring that users can trust the firmware has not been tampered with. A device with signed firmware can validate the firmware before allowing installation. By applying the signed certificates and keys to the firmware, quarantine that all data are secured and encrypted without any exposure and alter risk from hackers.

  • Secure Boot

    Secure boot is a mechanism that protects the firmware of the product installed. During the boot up process, secure boot blocks unauthenticated or tampered code. Additionally, signed firmware ensures that camera restores safely to factory default, and secure boot ensures that unauthenticated code is rejected, protecting the camera system from attacks or infections by malicious external code.

  • Secure Console

    On the basis of secure boot, we updated the remote access security mechanism and disabled the console of the camera from the SSH and SFTP protocol, which defends the vulnerability of the system. Permission from VORTEX with key based authentication is the only way to access, providing a safer connection for the surveillance system.

Network & Cloud Security

Encryption in transit and at rest
Health monitoring and tamper detection
Automatic security updates
  • Encryption in Transit

    Data security is our top priority.  Vortex uses TLS 1.2, AES-128 bit encryption protocols that provide end-to-end security for data transmitted over the internet. This ensures all data is encrypted during transit and prevents malicious attacks.

  • No Port Forwarding

    Traditional NVR's use port forwarding, which is vulnerable to attacks. Vortex eliminates the use of port forwarding, excluding anyone outside your network from accessing your devices.

  • Encryption at Rest

    Footage and data stored in the cloud are protected with AES-256 bit encryption. Vortex protects data at rest and in transit, meaning that your data is fully encrypted in any situation.

  • Automatic Upgrades

    With regular testing and security audits, Vortex keeps a vigilant eye on all possible data vulnerabilities.  Vortex provides automatic software and firmware security updates to ensure customers with 24/7 optimum performance.

Storage Security

Key encrypted SD card media files
No access for unauthorized users