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How to Choose The Right Surveillance System for Your Campus

How to Choose The Right Surveillance System for Your Campus

Introduction: The Growing Need for Enhanced Campus Security

With campus safety continuously at the forefront of administrative priorities, the importance of school surveillance cannot be overstated. Despite 92.6% of public schools deploying security cameras, there has been a surge in both violent and non-violent incidents on campuses. According to an IES survey for the 2021-2022 academic year, approximately 857,500 violent incidents and 479,500 non-violent incidents were recorded.

As a result, schools are planning to purchase additional monitoring equipment or replace outdated, inadequate, or problematic systems in maintenance and management to enhance campus safety and strengthen emergency response capabilities. This article will be divided into the following sections to share how to choose a surveillance system for a campus.

  • Preparing for Security Upgrades: How Schools Can Evaluate Their Surveillance Needs
  • Five Key Indicators for Selecting Surveillance Vendors and Solutions: Ensuring Quality and Compatibility
  • Conclusion the Trend of Surveillance Solutions: Securing Your Campus with the Right Surveillance System
  • Make School Safety Easier, Today


Preparing for Security Upgrades: How Schools Can Evaluate Their Surveillance Needs

Start with the Three Steps of Campus Security Audit by methodically assessing current security measures, identifying vulnerabilities, and creating a robust and cost-effective monitoring infrastructure. Follow these foundational steps to tailor a security system that addresses current needs and is adaptable to future challenges.

1. Assessing Your Needs: Laying the Groundwork for Security

Review past security incidents to evaluate whether to purchase new solutions or replace existing equipment. Considering the unique aspects of the campus security layout and culture, are there any installation restrictions, such as how to manage and store video footage accordingly in heritage buildings with limited network bandwidth?

Identify critical areas that need monitoring and install the appropriate equipment in different areas based on factors like lighting, weather, and the primary purpose of monitoring. For example, cameras installed on sports fields should be wide-angle and be able to adjust the light to overcome weather and day/night issues. Cameras at school entrances need to identify accurately each person to prevent unauthorized access.

2. Evaluating Technology: Choosing the Right Tools for Enhanced Monitoring

When researching and evaluating security technologies and systems available on the market, consider what specific situations you want to monitor. For example, monitor people or vehicles loitering at school entrances, detect students climbing walls to skip classes or smoking, gatherings in secluded campus areas, unauthorized staff entering academic buildings, or theft of school assets. Effective surveillance should also enhance the ability to collect evidence and respond to incidents.

3. Cost Analysis: Investing Wisely with Long-Term Campus Safety in Mind

Investing in campus safety is not just about the initial purchase and installation of equipment. Schools must ensure around-the-clock protection that keeps pace with evolving threats. Thus, a financial plan must consider long-term maintenance costs, effective video storage solutions, camera upkeep, and surveillance platform upgrades.

Once you have a clear understanding of your school's specific surveillance system needs, the next critical step is selecting the right vendor.


Five Key Indicators for Selecting Surveillance Vendors and Solutions: Ensuring Quality and Compatibility

1. Comprehensive Product Line:

Ensure the vendor offers a complete product line including cameras, NVRs, and network speakers that comply with regulations and NDAA standards, suited to various school environments from extreme outdoor weather conditions to large indoor spaces, like stadiums, parking lots, etc.

2. Advanced Recognition Technology:

Evaluate the precision of the vendor's AI technology in reducing false alarms and providing proactive alerts. Consider the AI features operational speed, the system's response time during emergencies to mitigate the spread of school safety incidents risk, and whether these functionalities require additional fees.

3. Integrate Capabilities and Experience:

Check if the vendor is experienced with school safety technology and can offer integrated that allow centralized management of various security systems within the school, maximizing effectiveness. Look for vendors with case studies in the educational sector that can provide tailored security management advice, such as Access Control Enhancements, and implementing advanced recognition technologies at school entrances to prevent unauthorized access; Optimizing Traffic Flow, utilizing data from people counting technologies to improve the movement of students and staff around campus; Emergency Exit Monitoring: installing surveillance systems that alert when emergency exits are blocked, reducing the risk of penalties during safety inspections.

4. Providing flexible solutions:

Vendors must offer solutions that are compatible with existing cameras and equipment. This compatibility can help schools save on installation costs when resources are limited.

5. User-Friendly and Maintenance Support:

Since schools often lack specialized staff to manage surveillance systems, choose systems that are intuitive and easy to operate. Support for mobile remote management for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting is crucial. Additionally, consider warranty services and automatic update features to ensure the system remains current and functional.


Conclusion The Trend of Surveillance Solutions: Securing Your Campus with the Right Surveillance System

Ensuring 24/7 campus safety with effective surveillance solutions is essential for schools to plan and respond to emergencies effectively. We have summarized the four trends in surveillance solutions that are suitable for the long-term security monitoring needs of schools.

1. Tech-Driven Safety:

Modern campuses require surveillance systems that leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI and video analytics. These technologies enhance the monitoring capabilities of security systems, enabling quicker detection of and response to potential threats. By integrating advanced algorithms, schools can better identify unusual activities, ensuring a proactive approach to campus safety.

2. Integration and Management:

A holistic security strategy involves the seamless integration of new technologies across various areas of campus. Effective management of these integrated security systems is essential for maintaining a secure environment. Schools should focus on systems that offer centralized control and easy scalability to adapt to evolving security needs.

3. Reliable Surveillance, Secure Campus:

The core of campus safety lies in the reliability of its surveillance equipment. High-quality video footage and strong deterrent measures are foundational. Schools must invest in systems known for their durability and effectiveness, ensuring that security devices function optimally in all conditions, thereby maintaining a secure and safe learning environment.

4. Effortlessly Keep Pace with The Times:

In a world where security threats are constantly evolving, the best surveillance system needs easily to be used, updated, and maintained, even by staff without extensive IT knowledge. Ensures that surveillance systems can adapt over time, continuing to meet the changing needs of the campus environment.

By adhering to these principles, educational institutions can create a secure and responsive environment that not only deters potential threats but also enhances the overall safety of students and staff.

That’s Make School Safety Easier with VORTEX Cloud Surveillance Platform

 VORTEX Cloud Surveillance Platform stands out as an ideal solution for campus security surveillance due to its comprehensive features designed to meet the specific needs of educational institutions. Here's why VORTEX is the top choice for enhancing campus safety:

1. Comprehensive Product Line: 

VORTEX offers a centralized management system that unifies security efforts across schools/campuses with a diverse array of high-quality cameras, NVRs, and network speakers. With 24 years of experience, VIVOTEK ensures that all VORTEX cameras are NDAA/TAA compliant, feature dual SD card backups, and allow for customizable upload times, which helps in managing network bandwidth efficiently.

 2. Advanced Recognition Technology: 

VORTEX Cloud Surveillance Platform utilizes edge-AI video analytics to improve situational awareness dramatically. This technology enables proactive incident management through instant alerts and advanced recognition capabilities such as facial recognition and deep search. Schools can set custom rules for detecting and alerting various security breaches like intrusions and loitering and the campus safety scenarios mentioned in this article.

3. Integrated Capabilities and Experience:

VORTEX can integrate seamlessly with existing systems, effectively enhancing the school's ability to prevent safety incidents and unauthorized access. The platform's flexibility allows it to customize alerts to identify lost items and ensure prompt action on blocked fire exits, and proactive detection helps manage chaotic drop-off/pick-up routines, which is crucial for managing large student populations and complex campus layouts.

4. Providing Flexible Solutions:

Schools can retain the existing cameras and integrate the cameras with the VORTEX Cloud Surveillance Platform, which can support mobile management. This compatibility not only reduces installation costs but also allows real-time monitoring of the status of all cameras, eliminating labor and costs for regular maintenance. 

5. User-Friendly and Maintenance Support:

VORTEX Cloud Surveillance Platform is designed to be easy to use, requiring minimal technical skills from school staff. This user-friendly interface, coupled with reduced maintenance demands and OTA updates, ensures that the system is always running smoothly and up-to-date with the latest security protocols, making it ideal for schools that may not have extensive IT support.

    These five points highlight why VORTEX Cloud Surveillance Platform is a comprehensive, advanced, and user-friendly solution that can transform campus security, making it a top choice for educational institutions seeking reliable and efficient surveillance systems.



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