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VIVOTEK's VORTEX Shines at ISC West 2024 for Cloud-Based Surveillance

VIVOTEK's VORTEX Shines at ISC West 2024 for Cloud-Based Surveillance

As IT and security leaders, staying ahead of evolving security challenges is paramount to safeguarding our organizations' assets and data. VIVOTEK (3454-TW), renowned for its cutting-edge IP security solutions, celebrates the resounding success of VORTEX at the 2024 ISC West trade show in Las Vegas. VORTEX, VIVOTEK's cloud-based service, garnered widespread acclaim for its advancements in cloud technology, AI deep search capabilities, and seamless migration pathway from on-premises to cloud. 


Showcasing Service Models for Seamless Integration 

At ISC West 2024, VORTEX showcased two service models tailored to meet the diverse needs of IT professionals: direct to cloud and bridge to cloud. The direct to cloud model offers seamless integration with VORTEX cloud, providing enhanced security management suitable for all organizations. Meanwhile, the bridge to cloud model facilitates a smooth transition pathway from on-premise solutions to cloud-based security management, ideal for those considering cloud adoption. 

The Rise of AI in Security 

AI-driven security solutions are revolutionizing the landscape, and VORTEX is at the forefront of this innovation. Discussions at ISC West 2024 centered on integrating AI into VIVOTEK's product lines and software platforms, addressing the evolving security needs of organizations and making the adoption of AI-driven security solutions easier and more accessible. 

Partnerships for Enhanced Security Solutions 

In a strategic move to enhance physical security and access control, VIVOTEK partnered with Kisi, a modern cloud-based access control solution. This collaboration aims to provide seamless integration between VORTEX's surveillance solutions and Kisi's access control platform, offering IT leaders a comprehensive security solution for their facilities and streamlining the security management processes. 


VORTEX by VIVOTEK ensures seamless consistency between software and hardware devices, delivering superior integration and edge-AI capabilities. With VORTEX, organizations can achieve unparalleled surveillance automation and end-to-end surveillance systems, including IP cameras, NVR, CMS, and VSaaS. As the industry continues to evolve, VIVOTEK remains dedicated to empowering organizations with innovative solutions that address today's security challenges and preparing for tomorrow's advancements. 

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