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VIVOTEK Launches Highly Anticipated VORTEX AI Surveillance Cloud Service Solution

VIVOTEK Launches Its Highly Anticipated Cloud Service, VORTEX.jpg

VORTEX is a Key Component of VIVOTEK’s Development Strategy, Which Focuses on Centralizing Information, Data, and Video Content in a Secure Storage Space and Breaking Free from Conventional Spatiotemporal Restrictions to Enhance Security and Efficiency

VIVOTEK (TWSE: 3454), the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, is proud to announce the launch its highly anticipated cloud-based video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), VORTEX, in the United States, marking not only the company’s grand debut in the subscriptions market but also its ability to consolidate camera, app, web, cloud and deep learning technology into a cohesive and powerful AI surveillance solution

To celebrate the successful launch of VORTEX and rapidly gain market exposure, VIVOTEK is offering its VORTEX video management software and cloud storage service for free license with any VORTEX cameras purchased between September 1 and December 31, 2022.

VORTEX is a major breakthrough of VIVOTEK end-to-end surveillance solution for VSaaS,” explained ShengFu Cheng, VIVOTEK Vice President of Strategic Business. “It’s also VIVOTEK’s first step in transitioning to a subscription-based model. VORTEX provides intelligent and easy-to-use data analysis services. What’s more, its hybrid cloud architecture allows it to transcend conventional storage frameworks. No longer is dedicated video management software or centralized management systems required to manage and process video data. Now, video data can be stored and analyzed via edge computing directly within the camera and backup in the cloud, significantly reducing time, cost, and bandwidth limitations of the past.”

Receive push notifications of deep-learning-based events on your smart device in real-time to never miss important messages again. With VORTEX, a highly integrated cloud services, managing a surveillance system is more effective and easier than ever before.”

The five advantages of VORTEX for SMB expansion:

  • Wide Camera Selection: 2-12 MP resolution, bullet, dome, turret, and 360 degree fisheye camera from entry level to high end model to meet different budget limitation and installation scenarios.
  • Crystal Clear Image Quality: Smart IR and WDR technologies to greatly elevate visibility in the most demanding environments.
  • Edge AI Analytics: Intelligent object recognition technology to accurately detect intrusion, line-crossing, and loitering detection of people and vehicles; with real-time notifications.
  • Hassle-Free, Zero Configuration: Install the system app by scanning a QR code and enjoy automatic firmware and AI software updates.
  • Trustworthy and Reliable: Locally designed, produced, and manufactured in Taiwan, VIVOTEK has built a strong brand reputation over its 22 years in the IP surveillance industry.

VORTEX features powerful AI video analysis technologies, upgraded real-time detection and post-hoc search functionality, state-of-the-art deep search algorithms to convert metadata into searchable and quantifiable information and refine people, vehicle, and environment detection accuracy over time. In addition to real-time alerts, VORTEX is capable of sieving through big data to identify or follow past events, and its hybrid cloud architecture allows for unlimited cloud archive, automatic backup, event management and instant sharing. All of these features are merged seamlessly to maximize operational efficiency and storage reliability while minimizing network interruptions and downtime.

VORTEX is a comprehensive end-to-end AI surveillance solution that seamlessly integrates deep-learning-based network cameras, cloud video management software, and cater to the diverse needs of VIVOTEK customers. Product training courses are also available to ensure the best surveillance experience.

VIVOTEK Unveils Its VSaaS solution, VORTEX, at ISC WEST 2022

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, March 15, 2022 - VIVOTEK (TWSE: 3454), the leading global IP surveillance provider, is pleased to announce the solution preview of VORTEX, VIVOTEK’s new cloud-based video surveillance as a service (VSaaS). By integrating deep-learning based cameras with cloud hosting services, VORTEX is able to process multiple data streams (video, audio, and analytics metadata), issue incident alerts, and perform video searches using metadata. The service is built on cloud architecture, making multi-site surveillance both simple and cost effective. VORTEX is accessible via APP or web browser, making surveillance control and management easier and smarter than ever. VORTEX will be on display at VIVOTEK’s booth (No. 22015) at ISC WEST 2022.

“The official name of VIVOTEK’s proprietary cloud-based VSaaS is VORTEX.  VORTEX is a key component of our development strategy, which focuses on centralizing information, data, and video content in a secure storage space and breaking free from conventional spatiotemporal restrictions to enhance security and efficiency,” says ShengFu Cheng, Vice President of Strategic Business of VIVOTEK. “VORTEX is intuitive and time/cost-efficient. Recognizing the tremendous potential[1] of hosted surveillance services, we have selected North America as the initial release location. VORTEX will be a strong competitor in the VSaaS market.” 

VIVOTEK’s VORTEX is easy to set up and use, smart, and flexible. No camera or back-end software configuration is needed. Just set up the user account and scan the QR code, and the camera will automatically connect to the cloud and start recording. Creating custom analytics rules is simple and intuitive. Alert notifications are set automatically for both app and web browser usage. The camera firmware, including analytics, can be maintained and deployed remotely after confirmation by the user. Because it incorporates deep-learning technology, VORTEX offers several major features that increase efficiency and effectiveness, saving both cost and time when operating the system. Users can receive alerts and review, archive, and share video footage through a mobile device anywhere, anytime. Video searches filtering attributes of people and vehicles across cameras can be done within seconds. By leveraging VIVOTEK’s expertise in the design and manufacture of network cameras, VORTEX provides a flexible VSaaS camera portfolio at an affordable price to help users meet a wide range of installation needs on a budget.

VORTEX is currently targeted at small and medium businesses, and is perfect for chain stores that are spread across multiple locations and looking for a centralized management surveillance system. VORTEX is a one-stop solution that allows managers to oversee multiple stores in real-time. The service can be set up effortlessly with minimal hardware and maintenance costs. Using the mobile app or web browser, users can monitor different sites simultaneously, precisely identify specific targets, conduct 24/7 video surveillance, and instantly back up data to the cloud. VORTEX ensures the integrity of stored data and employs deep-learning AI to increase the efficiency and accuracy of detection over time. Smart, effective, and easy-to-use, VORTEX is poised to become the preferred solution for SMBs in the VSaaS market.

“VORTEX features cutting-edge AI technology that provides users with real-time detection, warning, and search capabilities,” Cheng continued. “The service can also be coupled with the VORTEX Essential and Premium camera series, including our bullet, dome, and fisheye cameras.”

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[1] The 2021 surveillance analysis report, global surveillance software revenues in 2022 will amount to USD 1.5 billion, a figure that will rise to USD 2.4 billion by 2025, for a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10%. The CAGR for market turnover of other software devices and function/technology licenses is expected to exceed 12%.