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Stop the selling of Professional Licenses from January 15, 2024

(DEC 29, 2023 updated)

VORTEX is going to stop the selling of Professional Licenses from January 15, 2024.

The purpose is to simplify the license types.

Before, there are two kinds of camera licenses: Profession License and Standard License.  From January 15, 2024, we will remove the Professional License product, and only sell Standard License for camera.

The only specification difference of Professional License and Standard License is 30-day Cloud Storage for backup.  After January 15, 2024, customers who want to purchase original Professional License can purchase Standard License plus 30-day Cloud Backup License.

As for Professional Licenses customers purchased already, the conversion will not affect customers' right.  The conversion will be like the following:

1. For a Professional License already allocated to a camera, it will be converted to a Standard Licenses and 30-day Cloud Backup license. Customers will see the display of license status:

Camera license type Professional Standard
Camera license expiration date T T (no change)
Cloud Storage license type - 30-day storage
Cloud storage license expiration date - T (the same as camera license expiration date)


2. For unallocated licenses in a reseller's inventory:

If there is N Professional License in the inventory, it will be converted to N Standard License, and (N x 13)-unit 30-day Cloud Storage License, where one unit of Cloud Storage License is valid for 30 days, and 13 units are valid for 390 days (1-Year).

Before After
Professional License (1-Year/cam) Standard License (1-Year/cam) 30-day Cloud Storage License (30-day/cam)
1 1 13 units 
2 2 26 units
N N N x 13 units

    You can check your current license status in advance and keep a record. After conversion, if you have any question, please contact cj.lian@vivotek.com