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Network Video Recorder

Your Next Level Cloud Experience

Turn Any Network Camera to Cloud

With 243 surveillance manufacturers and 30,000 ONVIF Profile S camera models in the market. An opportunity to cut costs and preserve the value of your cameras instead of opting for replacements.

Simplified Architecture

Due to the embedded PoE in the NVR, you don’t need to purchase an additional PoE switch. Each PoE port on the NVR supports up to 30W, providing a cost-effective solution that allows your cameras to work seamlessly in any location, under any climate.

No Complex Network Settings

Using trustworthy network connection process P2P and relay technology to connect NVR by scanning the QR code.

Simply Lift Cameras to the Cloud with VORTEX Connect

Monitor Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Bring your phone and laptop as your portable monitoring system wherever you go.

Stay Aware Instantly

With automated notifications, you will receive alerts whenever there is a sudden interruption by humans or system breakdowns. Scheduled alerts help reduce the chances of receiving error alarms, enhancing your operational efficiency and keeping you well-informed.

Security without Borders

VIVOTEK is the first surveillance manufacturer to collaborate with Trend Micro, offering high-level cyber protection as a router. The transmission process is secured with AES-256 and TLS 1.2, ensuring data encryption. Additionally, AES-256 encryption is employed to safeguard your privacy and security in the cloud.

Enjoy Exclusive Experience with

Thousand Users, Unlimited Cameras, and Manage
On The Cloud.


Subscription Plan

We currently offer two subscription plans for you to bridge to the cloud with VORTEX.


Available Products


Q:Does VORTEX Connect PRO require payment?
A: Yes, after the official version launch, it will be available for subscription with a yearly subscription plan.

Q: After the beta trial period ends, if I add more than 128 cameras to the NVR, what will happen, and what should I do?
A: Within 30 days after the trial period ends, you are required to purchase a license to continue accessing our services on VORTEX Connect PRO. During this period, services will continue to be available. If a license is not purchased within 30 days, we will cease to provide the services. After the service stops, you'll need to delete the existing org and create another org for the free service again to manage your devices. If you have more than 128 cameras, we recommend using the paid service. 

Q:What is the difference between VORTEX and VORTEX Connect? 
A: VORTEX is an AI-Powered Operations Automation Platform that allows customers to enable the 'VORTEX Connect' feature, bridging their existing cameras to the VORTEX platform.

Can I add NVR to my existing VORTEX account?
A: Yes, you can. You can add NVR model we mentioned above to your VORTEX organization account.​

Q: When I add an NVR to VORTEX Connect, what happens to the cameras that have been added to the NVR?
A: The cameras will be added to VORTEX as well. 

Q: How many languages does VORTEX Connect support?
A: Currently it supports both English and Japanese.